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Laws On Law CDs (Pak Based) Computerized Laws & Case Law

Title: Laws On Law CDs (Pak Based) Computerized Laws & Case Law
URL: http://www.lawcds.com/
Description: Law vision (Pakistan) is sole provider of Pak Based Laws on CDs. The project is a component of the Law resources and information database, basically for professional use of Lawyers. Laws i.e. Codes, Acts, Ordinances, Orders, Rules, Regulations, and Notifications with Case law in the fields of: nearly all areas of Pakistan Laws with special interest to the actual laws applicable in the Courts presented by Law vision (Pakistan) in CDs. The purpose of the project is to provide cost effective legal resources to our valued customers. Technology development effort being pursued in our Action plan. The project will mobilize the legal resources and approach in the concerned quarters. This will speed up the process of conceptualization and improve the quality of law resources For the time being Following 72 Law CDs being offered: 1. (All) Laws (Complete Law database of Pakistan) 2. (Civil ) Major Acts 3. (Constitutional) Laws 4. Major Acts (Criminal) 5. (Manual of) Agricultural Laws 6. (Manual of) Banking Laws 7. (Manual of) Civil servants Service Laws 8. (Manual of) Companies Laws 9. (Manual of) Family Laws 10. (Minor Acts) Other Laws 11. Admiralty And Maritime Laws 12. Anti-Corruption & Accountability Laws 13. Anti-Narcotics Laws 14. Anti-Terrorism Laws 15. Arbitration Laws 16. Business Laws 17. Cantonments Laws 18. Citizen-ship and Emigration 19. Co-operative Societies Law 20. Custom Laws 21. Drug and Medical Laws 22. Education and Universty Laws 23. Emigration Laws 24. Environmental Laws 25. Excise Laws 26. Factories and industries Laws 27. Finance Acts & Financial Laws 28. Foreign Exchange and Foreigners Laws 29. Forms under different Laws 30. Glossary of Legal Words 31. Health and Food 32. Housing & Development Laws 33. Import Export Laws 34. Incom Tax Laws 35. Information and Media Laws 36. Inheritance And Succession Laws 37. Interpretation of Statutes 38. Islamic Criminal Laws 39. Labour Laws 40. Land Acquisition Laws 41. Land Laws 42. Land Revenue Law 43. Legal Practitioners And Bar Councils Laws 44. Legal Terms 45. Local Government Laws 46. Marketing Laws 47. Maxims 48. Muhammodan Laws 49. Muslim Personal Law (Shariat Application) 50. Natural Resources Laws 51. Notifications Under Different Laws 52. Patent, Design and Copyright Laws 53. Police Establishment 54. Politics and Election Laws 55. Ports and shipping Laws 56. Pre-emption Laws 57. Procedural Laws with High Court Rules & Orders CD 58. Property And Real Estate Laws 59. Quanun-E-Shahadat 60. Railways and Roads Laws 61. Rent Laws 62. Sales Tax Laws 63. Science and Technology Relating Laws 64. Securities and Exchange Laws 65. Taxation Laws 66. Telecommunication Laws 67. Tenency Laws 68. Trade Marks Laws 69. Transport and Motor Vehicle Laws 70. Waqf Properties Laws 71. Water And Power Laws 72. Words & Phrases CDs Up-dating: As Changing Laws and Announcing New judgments by courts is a common practice in our society. Rules and Regulations are being Amended from time to time. That’s why we regularly up date our Law Files. As One time Purchasing Law CDs may not prove fruitful for Users/lawyer for all the times, That’s why Law vision (Pakistan) Started annual Updating Services for our CD Purchasers. Any User who are already using any of Our Law CDs, may get Latest version of that CD any time after purchasing the CD at the cost of only 20 % of the latest / current Price of the Specific CD. Call Now: 03024077416

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