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Title: 57477_252957477_4467
URL: http://polo-lacoste-solde8.webnode.fr/
Description: In not far from Ye Xiao, from the blood phoenix organizations Qingluan, even as blood Phoenix Summit Qingluan shot himself, see also box Xiao Nan, Ye Xiaoming white, Qingluan, be able to play, it is The big reason care about Xiao South toward friendly nodded Qingluan, Ye Xiao fixated fall the distant blood Marshal 库里扎尔德 body, the 库里扎尔德 just the sights on the side, after seeing Xiao Ye cast eyes towards you, 库里扎尔德 mouth emerge out of touch of grinning not only against Ye Xiao cast a grim smile, for Qingluan also cast a grim smile, had to Xisha his general can be more than the grinning face of blood Marshal Ye Xiao Qing Luan just Lengheng to a cry, and then slowly pulled out from behind a two-edged ax, or a two-edged double-edged ax, look at posture, better than the hands of the card slave iron bar much light, As for Qingluan behind the two hands did not have any weapons, but Xiao Ye see that their weapons should all be in the body with With Qingluan to played and wanted blood phoenix c

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