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Quest Xuanwu Gate Incident the causes xiaojia boss Sina blog

Title: Quest Xuanwu Gate Incident the causes xiaojia boss Sina blog
URL: http://frpololacostesoldes.com/
Description:   Quest "Xuanwu Gate Incident" of Genesis   TangWuDe nine years (AD 626 years) June fourth day morning, Chang'an City, swords, blood everywhere. Qin Li Shimin in Weichigong, CHENG Zhi Festival, Hou Junji, Sun loudly assistance of others, while his brother Prince Li Jiancheng, his brother King of Qi Liyuan Ji Shangchao of the machine, launch palace coup, killed Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji and all their sons. Subsequently, the emperor sent Weichigong troops straight into Tai Chi, Qi Zou Gaozu Li Yuan, said: "The Prince and the King of Qi Jubing rebellion, will they kill the King of Qin, fear disturb Majesty, Robinson come to guard the mission." Li Yuan reluctantly accepted the de facto fact, changed the crown prince Li Qin Li Shimin, and issued an edict: "Since this militarism Shushi, no size noted appoint Prince executions, and then heard played." Because of this palace coup in Miyagi North Gate - Xuanwu, it is known" Xuanwu Gate Incident "or" X

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